We welcome volunteers at the Girls Home.
The Home needs volunteers to work a mimimum of one month and work daily 8-12 and 2-6pm.
The girls need a sympathetic ear, a helping hand with their everyday tasks and good assistance with their homework.
We ask for volunteers with at least Intermediate Spanish and a background of working with children or adolescents.
A clean criminal record is required.
We are also seeking interns who can complete their internship at the Hogar, whether they are studying psychology or therapy, this is a great opportunity to gain experience.
We ask for an understanding of the Madre Albertina order and to respect their philosophies but we do not ask for our volunteers to be Catholic.
Our volunteers should be sensitive in their dress sense and cover up adverse piercing or tattoos and not wear skimpy clothing.
We ban any drug use or arrival at the home intoxicated and ask volunteers not to inflict their Western values on the girls or home.
Any hobbies or interests that the girls can engage in at the home are appreciated, such as dance, art, music, sport etc.
Volunteers generally stay with a host family where you will have your own room and 3 meals a day. This generally costs around $200-$300 a month. There are also plenty of hostels in the town.