• Dance

    12 Oct 2017

    The girls enjoy all forms of dancing at The Girls Home! They are brought up to enjoy the traditional folklore dancing of Nicaragua but now have a taste for Ballet.

  • Our New Volunteer

    24 Sep 2017

    Here is Sandra from Germany who has come to volunteer with the girls for a whole year. Its her first time away from home and she has just completed her last school year. Already she is enjoying her new role … Read more »

  • Visitors

    24 Sep 2017

    We had a visit from the International school of Granada to integrate and share experiences with the girls.

  • Bedford High School UK

    13 Sep 2017

    Subject: Challenging the notion that computers contribute to social isolation. 12CCB worked on developing intimacy with each other, as well as their understanding and compassion for young girls in difficult situations by creating silent pictures in response to a video … Read more »

  • Lea’s last days

    1 Sep 2017

    Lea spent a whole joyful year at the Girls home as a superb volunteer and left this year to go back to Germany. She is very much missed. Here are some shots of her goodbye party and a last trip … Read more »

  • Ballet

    7 Jun 2017

    We were so fortunate to have a visit from Georgina Pazcoguin, THE famous ballerina from New York. Each girl received a full ballet outfit and had classes with her for 3 days!